Children’s Welfare & Education

Royal Group Charity Foundation ‘A B C’ (African Bright Children) Education Guide                                             

Thanks to our founder and supporters, we are providing access to education for children in one of Africa’s poorest countries, Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a country where families struggle to survive and meet the most basic needs, and many children must earn a living as well to support their families.  For example, they may be fetching water or selling goods at the market.  We began our A,B,C guide in 2015, and so far have helped over 600 children attend school.

Children in DRC start attending primary school at six years old. The government pays for primary school fees, but other expenses are the responsibility of parents. School uniforms, pens, shoes and books are costly, and as a result, many children don’t go to school.  Our annual “A B C” guide provides these supplies, ensuring that vulnerable children receive education.

Secondary school students are also benefiting from Royal Group Charity Foundation’s A,B,C guide. Children aged 12 to 18 can attend secondary school, allowing parents to send their children through this higher level of learning, without the financial burden.

As one of the world’s poorest countries, DRC faces severe challenges in providing quality, affordable education to every child. After experiencing a long civil war, DRC saw many of its schools destroyed, as well as extreme teacher shortages and a lack of access to educational resources.

Many children are forced to walk long distances to get to the nearest school. In addition to problems around access to education, children often face health issues that prevents them from going to school. The most prevalent health issues are communicable diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. The government has increased funding for free basic education, but challenges remain in terms of quality of education and rising drop-out rates as a result of household hunger. Girls face even bigger issues when they reach puberty. Due to lack of separate washrooms for boys and girls, early marriage and teenage pregnancies, girls tend to drop out more.

Our annual A,B,C guide helps children with access to education.  You can help end the education crisis in  Africa by supporting our A,B,C guide and helping donate raw materials directly to schools and institutions in Africa.

Royal Group Charity also supports individual children.  By providing school supplies, basic needs such as food, school uniform, and a health care card, which allows the child to access medical services.  Some children are orphans, others may have parents who may be living in impoverished conditions.

Royal Group Charity firmly believes that education is an important tool in breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa. Children no longer have to stay at home and work to support their families. A,B,C guide allows them to enjoy their childhood and it empowers them for a brighter future.

For your A, B, C guide, Please contact us by email and we would be delighted to guide you to our selected institutions.


Reference: African Bright Children Guide (ABC)