Welcome to Royal Group Charity Foundation

Over the last 20 years, Royal Group Charity has distinguished itself as the go to organization for providing populations in need with humanitarian aid in the form of health, education, and emergency supplies. We support more than 70 organizations and countless individuals across Africa. Our commitment to humanitarian aid, which is a major concern, will remain the foundation of the Charity’s model. Our doors are always open to the public and local area businesses so that we can provide materials to those in need.

We believe in the power of ingenuity and humanity. We believe that Royal Group Charity has never been the organization to follow in someone’s footsteps; we are the ones that create footsteps. We believe in identifying problems and creating meaningful solutions to social issues. We believe in bringing people together to take care of others. We believe in deep collaboration of our cultures, which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot. We believe in hope. Our heart is to inspire a shared vision of a better future and create the tools that will make it happen. As we embark on our future years, we hope you stand with us in helping Royal Group Charity Foundation reach its goal.

Royal Group Charity advocates for the rights of children and underprivileged communities to have access to food, healthcare, education and security. We continue to raise awareness of those eliminating poverty and hunger. In the course of our duties, Our founder and trustee H.H Prince Khalid Al-Sabah continues to engage closely with a number of regional and global organizations, aid foundations and UN agencies around the world



H.H Prince Khalid has been involved in charitable work his entire life. His Highness has concentrated his efforts on helping to promote progress and justice for the poor, and politically oppressed populations around the world.

With the United Nations following a steady approach in its foreign policy, based essentially on humanitarian assistance to all needy countries with regardless of their geographic location, religious beliefs or ethnic origins, founder H.H Prince Khalid Al-Sabah continues to provide remarkable acts to human kindness and generosity in obtaining an exemplary humanitarian leadership in the support of humanitarian operations in nations in crisis around the world. His Highness continues to develop and modernize the methods of providing assistance where needed.


Royal Group Charity does not receive direct donations, all fundings and donations would be directed to active institutions and organizations approved by Royal Group. 

Please visit: www.gogetfunding.com/humanitarian