Africa China GCC Relations

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United in Trade and Assistance

Beijing help’s Ethiopia recover and boost ties with Africa

China has renewed its commitment to the continent, with debt relief and reconstruction pledges for Ethiopia and calls on new administrations in Africa.

China’s willingness to advance it’s belt and road cooperation in Africa would actively promote cooperation in the fields of railways, highways, aviation and information to help Africa’s economic and social development.

One of Africa’s most populous country and largest economy in Africa, where Beijing has provided billions of dollars into ports and railways.

Abuja and Nairobi are major African economies and remains an important trade partners and destinations for infrastructure investments from China.

China and Africa Cultural Exchange

The cultural exchange between China and Africa started when China and Egypt signed Summary of Talks on Cultural Cooperation Between the Governments of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and The Arab Republic of Egypt in May of 1955.

The first cultural agreement between new China and an African country

As more countries on the African continent broke from colonialism in the 1960s and 1970s and established diplomatic relations with China, cultural exchange between China and Africa stepped into a new era.

In April 2000, China signed an Agreement on Cultural and Art Cooperation Between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of South Africa and further signed bilateral governmental agreements on cultural cooperation and annual executive plan with all other African countries.

Royal Group is keen to highlight a win-win nature of Africa China GCC cooperation in mutual friendship, equality and sincerity.

Cultural cooperation between Africa, China and the GCC represents an important part of historical relations within the cultural cooperation and exchange activities.

In 2015, Africa GCC China Cooperation started and secured its position within it’s Zones and surrounding borders.

Africa China GCC Concept

(1) Funds invested from China into the GCC market.

(2) Capital generated from the GCC market for investment projects in Africa

(3) Raw materials traded between Africa and China

   AFRICA                                 GCC                                    CHINA

Oil and Gas                         Oil and Gas                         Manufacturing

Raw Materials                        Finance                               Production

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