Free the Poor from Poverty and Hunger

Should a country starve its children to pay off its debts? 


When a corporation or individual has reached a point of bankruptcy, we have laws that allow that corporation or individual to make a fresh start so why cant we adopt the same approach for countries?

The world should understand that the purpose of life is not just the acquisition of wealth but the development of the world for the good of its inhabitants and the world itself for future generations

Poor people are not poor because of the scarcity of resources and products. They are poor because they are denied the opportunity to make money for themselves.

Well it’s time to bring new life and hope to a dying world.

Royal Group Charity’s goal is to increase public awareness and civic engagement in ways that counteract prejudice against people in poverty, that defends their human rights.

People previously fought against slavery and apartheid and won.

In our modern times, the challenge for us all is to make the world where human values are prioritized.

The most disadvantaged people can free themselves from the dependence and indignity of poverty when their courage and their capacity for action are recognized and when everyone takes responsibility for overcoming the prejudice and discrimination that continue to exclude people in poverty across the world.

Royal Group Charity aims to design and plan a goal of leaving no one behind.

Ending debts is not a task of charity, it’s an act of justice and the key to unlocking an enormous progress.

Almost half of the world’s population live in poverty, with lack of food and clean water kills thousands each day.

Today’s world subject’s people into extreme poverty to punishing exploitation and often condemn them to uselessness. Over the world, there are many initiatives for public good, fair trade, and promoting self sufficiency and community resilience. Royal Group Charity ensures that people in extreme poverty are able to participate in these projects.

One of the leading causes of poverty is lack of access to food and clean water. It’s difficult to have the energy to work when you are suffering from hunger and thirst. This also makes individuals more vulnerable to preventable diseases.  

Warfare and conflict disrupt and stall financial markets and economic growth, lowering investor confidence which leads to job losses. Insecurity often causes displacement of the population, which leads to poverty as citizens struggle to access basic necessities to survive. 

Another cause of poverty is a lack of jobs in a certain area. This can be a result of conflict, economic recessions, and geographic locations, like rural areas with fewer work opportunities. When there are not enough jobs available, it is impossible for people to make a living and break the cycle of poverty. Where jobs are available, a lack of matching skills is the gap that needs to be bridged via education and skills training. 

Social injustice can also lead to poverty when specific groups of people are discriminated against based on their nationality. This discrimination prevents these individuals from improving their situation in different ways, such as difficulty getting a good education, decreased job opportunities, and limited access to other resources that could help them break the cycle of poverty. 

A lack of infrastructure also contributes to poverty.  Infrastructure includes things like roads, bridges, internet access, and public transportation, which are vital for people to travel, interact, and communicate. Without proper infrastructure, people may not be able to travel to work and make money, or they may have to spend all of their time traveling to obtain food and water. 

Climate change is also a major factor in causing poverty, as severe storms, floods, and droughts are capable of crippling economies and devastating communities. Agricultural communities are particularly vulnerable because they can lose both their source of income and their food supply. Severe weather conditions have the ability to undermine successful economies as well as ravage struggling areas even further.  

One of the main causes of poverty is the lack of a good education. Education allows individuals to be equipped in dealing with issues, obtaining good jobs, empowered to a better learning, and ultimately pull themselves out of poverty. However, access to a good education is not universal and many people around the world don’t receive the educational opportunities they need. 

Education must be accessible and affordable for everyone.

To help break the cycle of poverty, we must provide educational opportunities that will bring life changing differences in the world.

Together, we can feed the hungry by wiping out all the debts, wiping out disease and give everyone in the world a chance to prosper and live a productive and rightful life.

We must grasp the responsibilities given to us to care for the future of our people and of our world.