Prince Khalid Al-Sabah donates all fortune to charity


The young Prince is one of the world’s undisclosed rich Royals.

Prince Khalid Al-Sabah, the founder of Royal Group Charity had been inspired by the GCC development, founded on 25 May 1981 by the United Arab Emirates. The founders include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

The funds would be used to bring awareness and to help eradicate poverty worldwide.

Many Royals praised the decision, calling it an inspiration to all of us working to fight poverty around the world.

The money will go to the prince’s charitable organisation, Royal Group Charity Foundation, which has been fighting world poverty on a global scale.

The prince, who does not hold an official government position, is also Chairman of Royal Group Holdings which consists of the Petroleum Industry, Construction, Financial and Entertainment platforms.