Royal Group Charity Foundation and the African Union





Royal Group Charity Foundation’s focus on Africa highlights the emergency assistance that is needed to help the continent and its under privileged. Africa has been in need of Aid. Africa has moved in a slow step towards development and Royal Group Charity Foundation is focussed to bring a change to Africa and to help the current leaders to realize the struggle that is being made to secure the people and the riches of Africa. Royal Group Charity Foundation is working along with the African Union and the United Nations to bring Education and Medical needs to the people of Africa.

Culture shapes the way we see the world. It therefore has the capacity to bring about the change of attitudes needed to ensure peace and sustainable development which we know, form the only possible way forward for life. today, that goal is still a long way off. A global crisis faces humanity, marked by increasing poverty in our asymmetrical world, environmental degradation and short-sightedness in policy-making. Culture is a crucial key to solving the current crisis.

We are pleased to convey our commitments to the African Union for the subjects of the importance of education for peace and development through inter religious and intercultural dialogue.

To help fight corruption and ensure more money from oil and gas revenues in Africa is used to fight poverty.

Beyond the emergencies, Africa also faces broader challenges, such as grinding poverty, hunger, inequality, discrimination and other threats to people’s lives and dignity. We know these conditions drive insecurity. We can only succeed in building a world of dignity for all if we come together as a single human family based on shared values.

Following our recently convened gathering of leaders across faiths and cultures to signal our common resolve to promote tolerance and reconciliation. We commend the leaders of Africa for this initiative and follow-up to the African Union Summit.

A dialogue between religions and cultures can contribute to lasting peace without which development is not possible.

When Governments respect human rights and provide opportunities for people to voice their grievances, when societies join forces to enhance equality and mutual dignity, when individuals recognize that, we are all stronger when we work as one, peace and prosperity will grow.

Let us continue to help strengthen our cooperation across religions and cultures through dialogue and to help build a better Africa.